ICT Staffing™

Every element of ICT Staffing™, from the overall design and workflow to each individaul feature, was developed speficifally for the staffing and employment services industry. That is why ICT Staffing™ offers any staffing company the most effecient, cost-effective and hassel-free solution for automating time and attendance tracking.

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ICT Staffing™ Features

The web-based platform of ICT Staffing™ is optimal for tracking time and attendance for off-site/remote employees.  The user-friendly interface provides for a simple and seamless process from employee submission to client approval.  The feature-rich administrator panel ensures you will always be aware and in control of the process, and the extensive reporting tools allow you put all the data to good use. You could say we designed it just for you, because we did.

  • Web-based platform
  • Remotely track time/attendance
  • Individual time/attendance
  • Group time/attendance
  • Expense tracking
  • Intuitive interface
  • Feature-rich admin console
  • Client console with reporting
  • Seamless approval process
  • Export to accounting software
  • Unparalleled support
  • No installation required
  • Built-in training modules
  • Fast and simple implementation
  • Prevents fraud and user error
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“Love how easy the system is, great work! I've referred a number of my friends in this business to you.”
Matt B.
“Our timesheet system has been an amazing timesaver in that it eliminates any chances of human error...”
Renee T.
“One of our clients was threating to drop us if we did not implement an electronic time keeping system similar to what a competitor, which was a national staffing company, had provided. Now our client conintously tells me how impressed they are with our new system.
Elizabeth M.
“I would never have imagined that implementing a time keeping system for my entire staffing business would so be easy and affordable.”
Chris A.
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